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Manage your AMP Life insurance

AMP Life helps you protect the most precious people in your life with strong, dependable insurance cover. Safeguarding what’s important to you means enjoying what you have, and knowing that should the unexpected happen, you’ve covered what matters most – yourself and your loved ones.

Ways to help you manage your policy

  1. Review your cover when things change
    Reaching major milestones like having kids, paying off the mortgage, buying or selling an investment property or retiring can impact the amount of insurance cover you need. You may also choose to review any loadings you have*, additional options you have chosen, or any activities or conditions your cover excludes^. It’s important to review your cover to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.
    Your policy can also be affected by other changes, such as the employment status of the person insured. For example, a period of unemployment may change the terms of your policy, or a change in occupation may mean that you could pay a lower premium.
  2. Switch off automatic insurance increases
    Your policy may have a feature that automatically increases your cover each year to keep up with inflation. If you decide you don’t need this additional cover, you can cancel your next automatic increase and your sum insured will remain the same.
  3. Tell us about healthy lifestyle changes you’ve made
    Making healthy lifestyle changes is a great achievement. If you have quit smoking for at least 12 months, you can request an insurance reassessment to see if you can decrease the cost of your cover.
  4. Keep your policy ownership up to date
    If your personal circumstances have changed, let us know as soon as you can. A policy owner has a right to the proceeds of an insurance policy until they are removed from the policy, so it’s important to review policy ownership after a relationship change.

* A loading is an extra amount factored into your insurance premium, which reflects your personal circumstances at the time you underwent underwriting.
^ Exclusions are those activities and conditions you won’t be covered for, because of the risk involved from known pursuits or pre-existing medical conditions.

Important information

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